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Co-Flex Med Elastic Bandage

Easy Hand-tear.

Controlled compression.



Made with fabric-based material.


Non Sterile - Beige

Part#    Description    U/M

MDS086001    1” x 5 yd        30/CS

MDS086002    2” x 5 yd        36/CS

MDS086003    3” x 5 yd        24/CS

MDS086004    4” x 5 yd        18/CS

MDS086006    6” x 5 yd        12/CS



Non Sterile - Color Pack 

(Neon Pink, Blue, Purple, Light Blue, Neon Green and Red)

Part#    Description    U/M

MDS06001CP     1” x 5yd Color Pack     30/CS

MDS06002CP     2” x 5yd Color Pack     36/CS

MDS06003CP     3” x 5yd Color Pack     24/CS

MDS06004CP     4” x 5yds Color Pack     18/CS


Co-Flex LF2

- Latex-Free


  • A unique quick stick self-adhering bandage with a soft foam layer.

  • Latex-Free but performs better than latex. 

  • Hand tear.



Part#    Description    U/M

MDS089002    2” x 5 yds stretched, beige    30 rolls/cs

MDS089003    3” x 5 yds stretched, beige    24 rolls/cs

MDS089004    4” x 5 yds stretched, beige    18 rolls/cs

MDS089006    6” x 5 yds stretched, beige    12 rolls/cs


Soft Wrap® Elastic Bandage

Knitted, breathable, suited for general use support and compression. 90% cotton bandage serves as an ideal secondary bandage. Clips included.



Part#    Size    U/M

MDS046002    2” x 5 yds    10/bx 

MDS046003    3” x 5 yds     10/bx 

MDS046004    4” x 5 yds     10/bx 

MDS046006    6” x 5 yds     10/bx 



Part#    Size    U/M

DYNJ05125    2” x 5 yds     20/cs

DYNJ05126    3” x 5 yds     20/cs

DYNJ05131    4” x 5 yds     20/cs

DYNJ05132    6” x 5 yds     20/cs


Swift Wrap® Elastic Bandage

Sure Wrap® is our most cost-effective elastic bandage.

It delivers consistent pressure.

High quality rubber elastic bandage with convenient 

Self-closure, eliminating the need for clips or tape. White 

cotton/polyester knit. Length measured with product fully stretched.Clips included.



Part#    Size    U/M

MDS077002    2” x 5 yds    10/bx 

MDS077003    3” x 5 yds    10/bx 

MDS077004    4” x 5 yds    10/bx 

MDS077006    6” x 5 yds    10/bx 

UNNA BOOT with Calamine


Unna Boot With Calamine: This unna boot contains calamine to ease itching.

3” x 10 yd.


Part#        Size    U/M

NONUNNA3        3” x 10 yds    12 each/case

NONUNNA4        4” x 10 yds    12 each/case

Gauze 1.jpg

Woven Gauze Sponges

The best for traditional wound care

These USP Type VII sponges are ideal for wound dressings, wound packing and general wound care. Our strictly controlled manufacturing process assures clean, debris-free packing with folded edges to prevent unraveling. Sterile 2’s are packed in coated paper envelope to reduce fiber debris. This easy-open envelope is also carefully sealed to prevent the intrusion of dust and contaminants. Sterile 10’s feature strong rigid trays. Also available in non-sterile bulk packs.

Gauze Sponges, Sterile 2’s


Part#    Description    U/M

NON21420    2” x 2”, 8-ply, 2’s    25 pk/bx 


Sterile 2’s 

Part#    Description    U/M

NON21442    4” x 4”, 2/pk    25 pk/bx 

NON21441    4” x 3”, 2/pk    25 pk/bx


Gauze Sponges, Non-Sterile 


Part#    Description    U/M

NON25208    2” x 2”, 8-ply    200/sleeve 

NON25212    2” x 2”, 12-ply    200/sleeve 

NON25312    3” x 3”, 12-ply    200/sleeve 

NON25441   4” x 3”    200/sleeve 

NON25408    4” x 4”, 8-ply    200/sleeve 

NON25442   4” x 4”      200/sleeve 

NON25416    4” x 4”, 16-ply    200/sleeve 

NON25812    4” x 8”, 12-ply    200/sleeve 


Sof-Form® Conforming Bandages

For a neat application every time

This premier quality bandage gently secures to any body contour without restriction of movement and without constriction if swelling occurs. The uniquely constructed weave and finished edges help eliminate unraveling and 

lint. It’s a patient-safe dressing that renders a neat application each time. Ideal for secondary dressing applications. Latex-free!


Non-Sterile, Bulk

Part#    Description    U/M

NON25492    2” x 75’’, relaxed     12/bag 

NON25493    3” x 75’’, relaxed     12/bag 

NON25494    4” x 75’’, relaxed     12/bag 

NON25495    6” x 75’’, relaxed      6/bag 

Sterile, Singles

Part#    Description    U/M

NON25496    2” x 75’’, relaxed     12/bx 

NON25497    3” x 75’’, relaxed     12/bx 

NON25498    4” x 75’’, relaxed     12/bx 

NON25499    6” x 75’’, relaxed      6/bx



Bulkee™ Lite Conforming Bandage


This 100% cotton 3-ply woven bandage is ideal for a secondary dressing to secure IV’s, dressings, splints, or for providing mild compression. The bandage provides light stretch which helps it to conform to difficult body contours.


Bulkee™ Lite, Non-Sterile

Part#    Size        U/M

NON27492    2” x 3.5 yds, Stretched    12/bx 

NON27493    3” x 4.1 yds, Stretched    12/bx 

NON27494    4” x 4.1 yds, Stretched    12/bx 

NON27495    6” x 4.5 yds, Stretched    6/bx 


Bulkee™ Lite, Sterile

Part#    Size        U/M

NON27496    2” x 3.5 yds, Stretched    12/bx 

NON27497    3” x 4.1 yds, Stretched    12/bx 

NON27498    4” x 4.1 yds, Stretched    12/bx 

NON27499    6” x 4.5 yds, Stretched    6/bx  

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