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Exam Gloves

Aloetouch® Exam Gloves

Your skin is your body’s first line of defense against the environment around you. The aloe vera gel which coats this glove naturally moisturizes and hydrates your skin, helping keep it soft and healthy.

Certified by the International Aloe Science Council


This certification guarantees that the aloe vera gel in Aloetouch exam gloves meets the highest standards for product purity, thereby providing 100% of aloe vera’s natural benefits.


Designed for People who Frequently Change Gloves


Hand washing and glove changes deplete your skin of precious moisture. Renew your skin with new Aloetouch™ Ultra Exam Gloves - coated on the inside with pure, soothing aloe vera gel. 


Aloe gel penetrates and helps moisturize dry skin. It soothes itching and brings relief to cracked, chapped hands. The aloe vera gel used in Aloetouch gloves is pure, cold-processed and free of oils.

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Get the advantages of aloe vera in a latex-free product with our new Aloetouch Ultra. Advanced formulation vinyl  or nitrile with a superior fit, feel and stretch. This glove is free of latex proteins and a very affordable premium latex-free alternative. The Aloetouch Ultra contains no drying or abrasive powders and it stretches to fit your hand and provides increased sensitivity.


Aloetouch Powder-Free Nitrile 

  •  No protein.

  • Textured for secure grip.

  • Aloe Vera naturally hydrates and moisturizes the skin.


Aloetouch Powder-Free Nitrile 

Part#    Size    Fits    U/M

MDS195083    XSmall    5-5.5    100/box

MDS195084    Small    6-6.5    100/box

MDS195085    Medium    7-7.5    100/box

MDS195086    Large    8-8.5    100/box

MDS195087    XLarge    9-9.5    100/box


Aloetouch Ultra Powder-Free Stretch  Synthetic 

No protein.

Ultra stretch synthetic.

Aloe Vera naturally hydrates and moisturizes the skin.


Part#    Size    Fits    U/M

MDS195073    XSmall    5.5    100/bx

MDS195074    Small    6-6.5    100/bx

MDS195075    Medium    7-7.5    100/bx

MDS195076    Large    8-8.5    100/bx

MDS195077    XLarge    9-9.5    100/bx


CURAD® Exam Gloves

CURAD® Latex - Textured


u Textured throughout.

u 6.7 mil finger thickness; 5.9 mil palm thickness.


Part#    Size    Fits    U/M

CUR8104    Small    6-6.5    100/bx

CUR8105    Medium    7-7.5    100/bx

CUR8106    Large    8-8.5    100/bx

CUR8107    XLarge    9-9.5    100/bx

CURAD® Nitrile


  • The familiar brand you know and trust. Industry-leading barrier protection; chemo tested.

  • Textured throughout.

  • 5.9 mil finger thickness; 5.1 mil palm thickness.


Part#    Size    Fits    U/M

CUR8314    Small    6-6.5    100/bx

CUR8315    Medium    7-7.5    100/bx

CUR8316    Large    8-8.5    100/bx

CUR8317    XLarge    9-9.5    100/bx

Vinyl 1.jpg

Exam Gloves

Powder Free Latex Exam Gloves


Latex gloves have high elasticity and tensile strength while providing excellent tactile sensitivity. They are ideal for use in procedures that require greater dexterity. New manufacturing processes have greatly reduced residual protein levels

Vinyl  Exam Gloves

Powder-Free Synthetic Exam  Gloves

  • Powder-free. 

  • Easy to apply.

  • Helps eliminate  powder related problems.


 Size    Fits    U/M

 Small    6-6.5    100/bx

 Medium    7-7.5    100/bx

 Large    8-8.5    100/bx

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