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Walking Boot

Exceptionally Great Design Is the result of exceptionally Great Designers

Our Research & Development team is comprised of the most creative, experienced, and dedicated designers in the industry. Ovation Medical Continually delivers innovative products that provide superior benefits to injured people all over the world.


State Of The Art

Pneumatic Pump System

Its brilliantly simple. Gen 2’s ergonomic pump and integrated single push-button release eliminate the out-dated twist valve inflation bulb system. Furthermore, the new patient- friendly pump is contoured and re-positioned to eliminate the pressure and discomfort associated with typical pneumatic walkers.

This amazing new System has rendered every other pneumatic pump obsolete.

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Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.50.22 AM.png

Meticulously Tailored Frame

Ultra light weight

Every Detail has been refined. Fashioned out of an engineering grade composite material, the Gen 2 is remarkably light-weight yet extraordinarily durable.


The uniquely tailored frame is sculpted to comfortably accommodate the wide variety of patient shapes and sizes.

There has never been a walker that is better designed to the patient’s needs.

Revolutionary shock absorption

Introducing the Shock-pod.

The world’s first energy retaining structure designed specifically for walkers. With the Shock-pod to an incredible 50% less energy is transferred to the injured limb upon heel strike. The result is an outstanding level of patient comfort that feels and functions more like a high end athletic shoe.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.50.05 AM.png

Intuitive Sole

Precisely Engineered 

Beautifully Fashioned and purposefully formed to reflect the natural anatomical curves. Gen 2's edge-less Intuitive SoleTM

naturally adapts to your patients individual gait pattern . The result, a fluid and efficient stride with

complete balance and mobility.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.49.21 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.49.52 AM.png

Smooth Natural Gait

Providing a balanced low profile, wide, platform for stability in every environment, the edge-less sole automatically adjusts to your patients' ever changing gait patterns throughout the healing process. 



The all new Generation 2 walkers are masterworks of engineering. The dynamic re-design delivers a new level of comfort and performance that stands without rival. 


  • Ultra Low Profile

  • Ultra Light Weight

  • The Intuitive edgeless sole delivers 3-Dimensional gait and easy pivoting

  • The Uniquely sculpted design has unique Pre-Relieved contoured areas for patient comfort and safety

  • The contoured struts are flared to fit the extremes of patient anatomy

  • Available in a Tall and a Short version, 
    Air and Non-Air

  • Low profile, rounded sole for stable, instinctive maneuverability in any environment or walking surface.



  • Soft Tissue Injuries 
    Grade 2 and 3 sprains-Stable fractures

  • Post-Operative use

  • Trauma and Rehab





for color walkers add BLU or RED to the part number 

(for example, Standard Pneumatic in blue = 10002BLU)

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