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Nuform Ankle

Nu Form Ankle View 1 R3.png

Nuform Ankle Features 

  • Unique design that utilizes a combination of a rigid ankle stirrup and soft ankle support.

  • Figure 8 strapping system for inversion / eversion control

  • Slim Fit low-profile design less bulky that fits easily into shoes

  • 3D spacer fabric enhances comfort and allows heat and moisture to escape throughout the brace


Nuform Ankle

25002-2B – XSMALL:         Ankle Circumference  10”-11”

25003-2B – SMALL            Ankle Circumference  11”-12”

25005-2B – MEDIUM          Ankle Circumference  12”-13”

25007-2B – LARGE             Ankle Circumference  13”-14”

25008 -2B – XLARGE         Ankle Circumference  14”-15”

Nu Form Ankle Website 2 R3 Blank Back Gr
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